Exhibitions of replicas of valuable artifacts


We have plans to allow for the public exhibition of replicas of valuable artifacts held by the museum collection. Replicas of Jōmon and Yayoi relics as well as other Shintō related materails are available for exhibitions. It is hoped that such exhibitions will encourage interest in Japanese culture, history, and spirituality and also in the Kokugakuin University Museum that houses the original relics. The university itself will provide replicas free of charge and hosts who provide exhibition space will not be expected to manage the transportation or maintenance of the replicas themselves. For information, please contact us through one of the means listed in the contact section of this page.


Exhibition Space:1.5m×1.5m approx.
Duration:from upwards of one month
Number of replicas to be displayed:one or more replicas
Fees:service provided free of charge(the university will cover the costs)
Details:Replicas of archaeological materials or Shintō materials