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Privacy Policy

  1. This museum follows all laws regarding personal privacy. We do not reveal personal information.
  2. We do not distribute information about visitors to third parties. In cases where the museum is legally responsible to submit information about web traffic to the government, we follow the law.
  3. We use personal information for the following purposes only:
    • To allow people to register in advance for museum events
    • To provide information about upcoming museum events
    • To contact patrons and visitors about matters relating to the museum
  4. The collection and use of access data
    In order to improve our services, this website uses Google Analytics from Google, Inc., to conduct site measurements. Analysis is undertaken through text files (cookies) generated in association with this, and in this case it is possible that part of the user's information, such as an IP address, may be collected by Google, Inc. This will only be used for reference, in order to analyze usage of the site, and for the business operation of our museum. By itself, this access data is not information that can identify a specific individual.
    *It is possible to reject cookies through operations on the user's browser. However, in this case, it is possible that the user may not be able to use some of the functions of this website. Information on the user's device (type of operating system or browser etc.)
    User's action history (when the site was accessed, URL, the number of times the site was visited etc.)
  5. Please contact us via our contact information page with any questions about these matters.