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On occasion in this museum, some materials which are in the publication are not exhibited as they are changed on demand.


  • Sōgyō Hachiman shinzō (Image of Hachiman as monk)

    Edo Period (repaired 1718)
    painter unknown.

    One scroll, paint on silk canvas, h: 81 cm x w: 41 cm, Edo Period (repaired 1718), painter unknown.

    Painting depictin...more

  • Offerings of artificial flowers, Iwashimizu Hachimangu shrine


    Exhibited here are examples of the artificial flower offerings (kyōkashinsen) presented during the Iwashimizu Festival (Iw...more

  • Wooden statues of male and female deities

    Late Muromachi period

    Wooden statue pair, featuring a male deity (danshin) 60 cm long and a female deity (joshin) 47 cm long. The names of the deities ar...more

  • Illustrated scroll of annual events [Nenjū gyōji emaki Gion goryō-e]

    Late Edo period (18th-19th century)

    Illustrated scroll depicting Gion goryō-e held at Gion Shrine (present-day Yasaka Shrine) in Kyoto. This festival is known to...more

  • Altar for Yoshida shinto goma rite


    The alter for goma rites is used for performing the fire ceremony in Yoshida Shintō. The altar here is an octagonal piece centere...more

  • Folding screen showing the San’nō festival [San’nō Sairei zu byōbu]

    Edo period

    Folding screen depicting the San’nō festival as held at the shrine Hiyoshi Taisha (Ōtsu City, Shiga Prefecture). Hiyoshi Tais...more

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