This Museum was founded with the goals of gathering and preserving cultural artifacts necessary to the study of Japanese culture, conducting and publicizing research, and engaging in collborative educational and research activities within the context of Kokugakuin University and beyond. The origins of this museum date back to two earlier institutions: The Museum of Archaeology founded in 1928 and the shinto Museum founded in 1963. These were later merged and then finally in 2013 developed into the Kokugakuin University Museum. The permanent exhibition includes exhibits detailing the history of the university and the academic resource archive as well as archaeological research into the history of the Japanese archipelago. It is hoped that these materials will help visitors to deepen their understanding of both Shinto and Japanese culture in general. There are also special exhibitions, events, and collections relating to the publicization of research projects and findings and various types of educational activities and promotions. Through various educational activities and collaboration with other museums, this University also serves to make the work of Kokugakuin University open to the wider public.

> Traditional Culture Research Center



Data about this museum 

■ Purpose
In accordance with the Museum Act (Ordinance 285 of December 1st, Shōwa 26), the museum at Kokugakuin University shall conduct research, collection, categorization, preservation, and public exhibitions related to research on Japanese culture in the spirit in which Kokugakuin Univeristy was founded. The museum shall contribute to society through the support of education and research activities and the publicization of the fruits of scholarly inquiry.

■ Activities
(1)Academic research, collection, categorization, preservation, and exhibition.
(2)The publicizing and promotion of the fruits of academic inquiry.
(3)Giving support for research education of the university.
(4)The promotion of lifelong education.
(5)Collaboration with external organizations related to education, scholarship, culture
(6)Other affairs necessary to the operation of the Museum.

■ Facilities
Exhibition Rooms 1613.99㎡
Archaeological Repository 0303.87㎡
Shinto Repository 0277.88㎡
Museum Office 0162.00㎡
Exbitions Work Room 0081.00㎡
Photography Studio 0036.75㎡ Etc.

■ Staff
Director 1, Professors 6, Curators 3, Office Staff 3, Researchers 2 Etc. (2015)