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The 1300th Anniverary of Compilation of "Nihon-Shoki"


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The 1300th Anniverary of Compilation of "Nihon-Shoki"

The 1300th Anniverary of Compilation of
Special Exhibition
The 1300th Anniverary of Compilation of

-A Book that Ties Together Kami and People-
Term:Sep 16th (Thu) - Nov 13th (Sat) , 2021

We have English explanation part in this exhibition. 

 The Nihon Shoki is the first official historical record of Japan, and was completed in 720 CE. The year 2020 was a milestone year, as it was the 1300th anniversary of the book’s completion and a century after the Nihon Shoki Senshin Sennihyakunen Kinenkai (an exhibition marking the 1200th anniversary of completion of the Nihon Shoki) was held at Koten Kokyusho (the Institute for the Study of the Imperial Classics), the forerunner of Kokugakuin University. Being Japan’s first official historical record, the Nihon Shoki has always been highly valued, and popularly read and hand copied as one of the most important classics of the Shinto religion (hereinafter “Shinto”).
 The current exhibition features valuable old manuscripts and commentaries about the Nihon Shoki, owned by Kokugakuin University and Shinto Shrines, which aid in understanding the impact the book has had on Japanese culture and people’s way of thinking from the Nara period (710-794 CE) through early modern times, as “a book that ties together kami and people.” Also explored are ways in which studies of the Nihon Shoki have evolved at Koten Kokyusho and Kokugakuin (The School of Japanese Studies under the auspices of Koten Kenkyusho).

Videos introducing the exhibition are now available on the "Online Museum.
Release date:Oct. 2, 2021
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Term Sep 16th (Thu) - Nov 13th (Sat) , 2021

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First term: Sep 16th (Thu) - Oct 9 th(Sat)
Second term: Oct 13th (Wed) - Nov 13 th(Sat)
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+The museum was originally scheduled to be closed on Saturday, October 16, but will now be open (open hours: 12:00 - 17:00).
Place Kokugakuin University Museum, Special Exhibition Space
Admission Fee Free
Access Accessible on foot or by bus, 10-15 minutes from Shibuya, Omote-sandō, or Ebisu Station.
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